We are excited to announce that H1 Studios has been acquired by Mesosphere! In January 2015, we at H1 Studios will be joining the Mesosphere team in San Francisco.

Mesosphere is developing the Datacenter Operating System, allowing you to manage your applications and cloud resources at mass scale. The team at Mesosphere is pushing what is arguably the next step in the evolution of computing. They have a unique approach, an insanely talented team, respected investors, and truly visionary leaders. We're excited to play a role in their success.

Though our history was short, we are overwhelmingly proud of the work we've accomplished and honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing companies. A huge thank-you goes out to those who trusted us to carry their brand, in particular Brian Rice of Gocella, Matt Trifiro of Mesosphere, Steven Walker of Quirky, Elizabeth Demcsak of Offerpop, Tyler Gordon of Hello Show, Aaron Rosenthal and Eric Lituchy of Phone.com, Yele and Opeyemi Oluwole-Sowore of Sahara Reporters, and the entire team at Bitly. Without your faith and confidence, we would not be where we are today.

Read more about how Mesosphere is aiming to redefine the Datacenter on their blog at mesosphere.com.

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John Ashenden
Founder, H1 Studios

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